Day Session: Master Class presentation Cinematography and Lighting with Matt Siegel

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IMG_1723MFVA Event : The MVFA/SMCC Winter 2016 Cine Master Class with Matt Siegel
Workshop  : Friday January 29th 2016

Location: Southern Maine Community College, Hildreth Media Center, 2nd Floor Studio
Admission :  FREE to SMCC, Students with ID, and MVFA members. General audience was $10/day.

Day Session: Master Class presentation Cinematography and Lighting
Evening session: One-Hour Film School The Pre Production Intensive Workshop with Matt with Matt Siegel, head of production Imageworks and Jerry Izzo, Sr Producer @ VIA.

Workshop Schedule:

1pm : Introduction to Visual Storytelling – What you do and how you do it
1:30 : Picking the right imaging tool. Sponsored by Talamas Camera, Boston and ARRI-USA –Visual essentials: Lens choice, POV, perspective
2:00 : Advanced lighting tech: Tung, LED, FLO, HMI. Sponsored by High Output, Boston/Portland –Set lighting, placing the shadpw location as character
3pm : Coffee Break
3:30 :  Developing a Good Eye: Walk the halls
4:00 : Ways of Seeing: Cinematic Framing and The Face
4:30 : Camera placement, choreography, and blocking – 180 rules, eyelines, and scene coverage
5pm : MVFA networking hour . Sponsored TBA
6:30 -8:00pm: 1 Hour Film School: The Pre-Production Bootcamp –
Script to Boards to Screen. Sponsored by The Bar Harbor Film Festival with Jerry Izzo, VIA Sr. Producer

Do you know about our board member Matt Siegel ?
Matt is an award winner cinematographer, click on this  link to learn more about him : More about Matt Siegel

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