The MFVA  announced the premiere of the Maine Short Film Festival 2017  at The Strand Theatre in Rockland on Friday night, December 9, 2016 to a crowd of 250 Maine film fans!!  The program featured many of the filmmakers, jurors, and their cast and crews in a Q&A.  The Festival will  tour twelve Maine theaters through May 2017. See list of dates and venues below.
The 90-minute program celebrates Maine, its land, its people, and its creative soul, highlighting:  Maine artists, fisherman, boat builders, wilderness guides, transgender people, and youth in all film genres from many well-known and some new-to-the-scene Maine filmmakers. 


  • guided-300Guided
    by Bridget Besaw 

    Guided profiles the gentle spirit of Maine wilderness guide Ray Reitze sharing his philosophy of how to live in harmony with the outdoors to the next generation of guides while grappling with his own mortality as he transitions from the physical world of guiding to a more spiritual understanding of nature and our ephemeral place in it.
  • this-time-its-shopping-300This Time It’s Shopping
    by Jim Picariello

    A peculiar customer interrupts a gift store owner’s quiet day.  Is she really shopping… or is this some kind of game?
  • outrunningparkinsons300Outrunning Parkinson’s
    by Peter Logue

    A short documentary that follows Michael Westphal, a native of Great Cranberry Island, as he prepares to run a marathon despite his increasingly difficult battle with Parkinson’s disease.
  • bringingboats-300Bringing Boats to Life
    by Steve Stone

    Surely one of the greatest yacht restorations in recent history was the rebuild of the Fife schooner Adventuress by Rockport Marine, and OCH was right there, camera in hand, to get the project down on film.  We were fortunate to work with photographer Alison Langley on this project, so the imagery is especially enticing with her still photography and additional video shots.
  • curiously300Curiously
    by Walter Ungerer

    There are moments when the normal existence of everyday life, becomes a little bit beyond normal. The veil that hides our true existence from us, seems to become transparent. A man and a woman never seen in the film; survey their rural setting in a way that comes about when that veil parts. What we the viewers see, is Sebago Lake at Windham, Maine.
  • silence-300Silence
    by Corey Norman

    When a man attempts to cook diner for his wife, he ends up making more than just a mess.
  • salton-sea-300To The Salton Sea
    by Arthur Bell   

    To the dying Salton Sea.  Inspired by Breaking Bad. Shot on an iPhone
  • long-haul-300Long Haul
    by Chloe White

    Long Haul follows one woman as she heads to sea on a fishing boat. In the eerie night or under the still bright sun, it’s not always clear where or when this is. It appears as a dream removed from the particulars of the woman’s circumstances and so in her melancholy narration she might not just be describing her own life alone, but also ours.
  • bird-carver-300Bird Carver 
    by Madeleine Cohen

    Steven Valleau has been a professional bird carver for thirty years.  In this understated film, Valleau shows us that even the quiet and passionate pursuit of a solitary art can take a surprising toll on the lives of those around him. Providing poignant glimpses into an artists’ life, as well as the nature of obsession, BIRD CARVER shows us how time can be purposefully, beautifully, and sometimes dangerously spent.
  • transcircus300Trans Circus   
    by Meghan Vigeant

    Iggy is a transgender circus artist. He talks about the struggles he encountered before his gender transition and his dreams of becoming a circus artist.
  • occasionally-300Occasionally  
    by Dawn Nye and Katrazyna Randall

    Occasionally is based on the imagined experience of the sailors aboard the Submarine Kursk, which sank in the Barents Sea in 2000. The explores the ideas of faith. Faith in a system, faith in a structure, a relationship, a concept, and faith in the knowledge we believe we contain.


    The First Kiss by Daniel Kayamba

    Daniel is a 17 year old teenager originally from the Republic of Congo, a student now at Casco Bay High School in Portland, Me. “Do you remember your first kiss?” is his first film, a journey and a reflection on one’s life facing adversity and wondering about destiny and providence.
  • oak-street-mural300Oak Street Mural
    by Alexis Iammarino and Scott Sell 

    The purpose of this Farnsworth-led project was to engage local youth in creating public art in downtown Rockland. The mural unveiling will celebrate the efforts of all those involved, give the public the opportunity to meet this artists and toast this new addition to the cultural vibrancy of Rockland’s downtown.
  • mud-and-run300Mud and Run
    by Daniel Quintanilla 

    Inspired by the surrealist technique of automatism, Mud and Run is a stop-motion animation featuring newspaper clippings on a toilet paper papyrus– a window into the authors’ drifting and apolitical state-of-mind in his mid-twenties.

Strand Theatre, Rockland, December 9, 5:30pm
Stearns High School, Millinocket, December 10, 6pm
Reel Pizza, Bar Harbor, January 12th 7:45
Space Gallery, Portland, January 21, 2017 7pm
Space Gallery, Portland, January 22, 2017 2pm
Frontier Café, Brunswick, January 27, 7pm
Emery Arts Center, Farmington, February 2, 7pm
Freeport Community Library, Freeport, February 22, 7:30pm
Schoodic Arts for All, Winter Harbor, April 7, 7pm
River City Cinema, Bangor, May 5, 5:30 and 8pm
The Alamo, Bucksport, May 11, 7pm
Stonington Opera House, May 20, 7pm
Olin Arts Center, Bates College, May 21st, 5pm Lewiston, Me


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