Job Offers in Maine 2016

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“From Away” – a new adventure/ travel series hosted and created by Teagan Wright will explore the lives/lifestyles of do-it-yourself Mainers – is looking for crew.  Filming begins in July and

continues throughout October with an estimated 15-20 shoot days. The show is funny, thoughtful, and already receiving great press and abundant support in Maine and beyond. This is a show about Mainers, made by Maine filmmakers, with a chance to showcase our unique and interesting state in a way that has not been done before. We’re looking for passionate people who want to be a

part of  the beginning steps of a great series.  Because it is a low budget crowd-funded production, we want to incentivize crew with the opportunity to continue working on the series in future seasons, when we expect to have full day rates and national exposure.  send a resume and equipment list to


You can learn more about the show and Teagan here:


Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 00.42.23I am Kattie,  a producer at Compass Light Productions in Camden, Maine.
We are currently in the need of a media manager / assistant editor to join us on staff down in Camden. Please share the announcement with any interested parties. 

Position Announcement: